Why can’t anyone get rid of these big, stupid ads?

A new ad from the Daw Software software firm is raising eyebrows.

It’s a cleverly designed, black-and-white advertisement that uses the company’s logo, the DAW logo, and the word “software” to promote a suite of applications called “Daw Suite” that lets users create and share photos, videos, and more.

The ad says that the “DAW Suite” lets users “do amazing things” and offers “exclusive features.”

In other words, this isn’t an ad for DAW, it’s an advertisement for the company itself.

In a press release, the firm says the new ad is part of its “Dasplast” initiative, which is a series of new campaigns designed to “educate, entertain, engage, and inspire.”

Daw Software has been an advertiser in the past for software that helps people keep their homes and businesses safe.

In 2013, the company ran a commercial in which it showed a man looking out at a cityscape in the distance, with a message in black and white on a red background: “You’ve got to stay away from this city because it’s full of people, and there are a lot of guns out there.”

In another ad, the camera pans around the home of a family, and in the background, the family is shown a red-and white sign with an arrow pointing to a gun: “Go outside and stay safe.”

In 2014, a DAW software commercial in New York City showed a smiling man with a gun, saying “If you don’t have one, you have one.”

A few years later, in 2015, DAW also ran a TV commercial in Washington, D.C., where a woman’s voice is heard telling viewers, “It’s hard to find a job right now, but we can help.”

In the past, Daws ads have shown an elderly woman with an array of symptoms of dementia, a woman whose face has been digitally removed from her face, and an elderly man whose nose is covered in black mold.

But in 2016, Daw announced that it was changing the ads’ messages to make them more upbeat, and that the company would be introducing a new ad every week for two months.

The company says it will show the ads in English and Spanish on Monday, October 11.

The company also announced that the ads would be running during Super Bowl week, and they will be shown in Spanish.

Daw is the second-largest software company in the U.S., and its ad campaign has been part of the Super Bowl since 2009.

The DAW campaign was sponsored by NBCUniversal, which bought a share of the company in 2014 for $2.2 billion.