When Google’s ‘ginger’ software becomes the new Google News

Google’s Google News is a software that lets you search for stories, and search for links.

It also has a feature that allows you to add an article to your feed.

But in the last week, Google has announced it is turning that feature into a Google News plugin.

Google’s announcement, which is posted on its developer blog, says that the plugin will allow people to add links from the Google News to Google News feeds.

Google has previously announced that it was “committed to making Google News the best place to discover news and information”.

It also said that “the integration of Google News into the Google app will enhance your experience of the news on your mobile devices, including on Google News”.

The plugin is now live in the Google Play store.

The announcement came after Google said it had reached an agreement with news publishers to enable users to create Google News accounts and share stories.

But the agreement has been criticised by some news publishers.

In a blog post on Monday, the New York Times said Google had “stolen” their “great content”.

The Times’ publisher, The New York Post, said that Google News was a “disgraceful rip-off of our journalism”.

In a statement on Monday morning, Google said: “Google News is an important part of Google’s mission to deliver the world’s best content and we’re committed to making it the best experience for all.

Google is committed to ensuring that our content is free and accessible to everyone.”

It also promised to improve its support for news publishers, adding that it will also add new tools to help them manage their news feeds and integrate with the Google apps.

It added that it had already “expanded the tools” it offered to help publishers manage their Google News, and would continue to improve them.

Google News also now comes with a new logo, which looks similar to the one used on Google Docs.

“Google will continue to evolve the Google news experience to better serve users’ needs,” it said.

“We’re looking forward to working with publishers to bring Google News as a part of the Google Apps for news, as well as our other apps.”

The announcement follows Google’s recent announcement that it would add a new feature called News Feed Optimiser to the Google Search app.

News Feed optimiser aims to improve how Google delivers search results by making the search results appear faster and more relevant.

“This will improve the quality of the search result pages for users and will improve search performance across all devices,” Google said in a blog on Monday.

Google says it will be rolling out News Feed optimization to “everywhere we ship our search product”.

“News Feed Optimisation is an experimental feature that we are adding as we add new features to our search experience, and it will improve how our search results look on mobile devices as well,” it added.

It said that users will be able to choose from a range of “settings” that can “improve how our app performs on your device and in other situations”.

Google has been working on News Feeds since its launch in June 2016, but the integration has been slow.

It initially added a link to the News Feed to help users understand what they were looking at, but it took longer to bring that feature to the mobile web.

The integration was delayed because of privacy concerns and the lack of a stable API, which Google says is needed to provide a stable, consistent API.

However, Google says that it has “relatively few” issues with News Feed integration, and that it is now ready to roll out News Flow, a new integration of News Feed with Google’s own services.

“NewsFlow is a new way to connect your Google News experience with Google News,” Google wrote on Monday in a post on the developer blog.

“In addition to enabling users to see the top stories, NewsFlow will also show you links to stories from other sources.

You’ll find NewsFlow settings on Settings > Search, and NewsFlow Settings will be accessible in Settings > Google News Feed.”

The update comes as Google and News Corp. are working to create a new News Feed for Android.

In October 2016, Google announced that News Feed would become a part, alongside Google Doc, of Google Apps.

“Our mission is to make search better, and we want to make sure that search is easy for everyone,” it wrote at the time.

“That’s why we’re working to provide you with the best, most up-to-date news and apps.

We’re excited about how this new News feed will help you discover the stories that matter to you, and you can be sure that we’ll keep working hard to make the experience even better.”