Google, Amazon are selling the world’s most expensive video game consoles for $3,600 each

Video game hardware prices have skyrocketed over the past decade, making them the most expensive hardware on the planet.

The top console prices have shot up by an average of $300,000 to $4,000 each, according to a report published Thursday by the Wall Street Journal.

This makes a console a good investment for the consumer because it has a limited lifespan, making it a good purchase for a hobbyist gamer who wants to play for years, but not necessarily for a serious gamer who needs to play a game every day.

The new consoles are the biggest selling consumer products in history.

Nintendo has sold more than 20 million consoles and sold a total of $3.7 trillion in hardware since the NES was introduced in 1981.

The next closest consoles are Sony’s Playstation 2 with about 8 million consoles sold and Sony’s PlayStation 3 with about 4 million.

But the new consoles don’t necessarily represent the best of the year, according a new study by analyst firm iSuppli.

iSuppl, based in New York, estimates that a typical gamer has spent around $1,500 for a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.

The average gamer has also spent $2,000 for a PS4, a PlayStation 3, and an Xbox 360.

The most expensive console is the Xbox One.

The average gamer can spend anywhere from $400 to $2.3 million for a console, according the report.

A PS4 costs $3K, while a PS3 costs $600.

A lot of the consoles are built by third parties, such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, and are often used as entertainment systems for kids.

The prices vary widely, but a lot of console prices are tied to the year the console was released.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were the cheapest consoles in 2016, and they are still the most popular.

The Wii U has seen a steep drop in prices since its release, and it is now about half the price of its predecessor.

The PS4 is the most affordable console for the first time ever, and the Wii U’s price dropped by $100.

Apple and Microsoft are the two most popular video game companies, but the Xbox has also made waves as a video game console.

The Xbox One is one of the cheapest video game systems on the market and is currently the most used console.

Nintendo, Nintendo’s biggest rival, has a large portfolio of games and games consoles.

The Playstation 3 is one the most sought after gaming consoles and is the top selling video game system.

The PlayStation 4 is a powerful gaming machine with an advanced controller, an HDMI port for video output, and a high-definition display.

The Microsoft Xbox One has a powerful console with an Xbox controller, a Kinect sensor, and more.