Hyland is developing an automated tax software, CEO says

Hyland’s chief executive officer says the software company is developing a system to help taxpayers navigate their tax bills.

The software company, which operates tax software for corporations, has been working with a small group of companies and nonprofits to build out its tax software.

Hyland said in a statement Tuesday that the new software will enable taxpayers to navigate their taxes, track expenses and pay more for services.

The company said the new tax software will be available to consumers in the third quarter of 2020.

The news comes as Hyland has been under fire for using software from a rival company that also is developing its own tax software to help small businesses.

Hylands chief executive, John Hickey, said in an interview with ESPNMoney.com that Hyland and Hylands partners are working with three different companies to develop a new tax system.

The three companies are: the National Taxpayers Alliance, a tax software company based in Las Vegas; HylandTaxes, a software company in Washington state; and TaxWorks, a New York City-based software company.

HylanderTaxes has a $2 billion valuation, Hyland told ESPNMoney in an earlier interview.

The other two companies, Hylander Tax and Tax Works, were formed in the 1980s.

Hylanders software can help businesses calculate taxes on a number of items, including income and sales taxes, state income taxes and corporate taxes.

The Hyland company is also developing a new form of software called the “Hyland Smart Tax,” which uses technology to create a customized tax return.

HyLAND has worked with the National Economic Council and the Internal Revenue Service, as well as many government agencies and advocacy groups, including the Tax Foundation and the National Partnership for Women and Families.

HyLand Tax is a nonprofit that provides tax software services to businesses and individuals.

The nonprofit is run by two members of Hyland Corporation.