Steelseries to add a new digital-music service to its catalog

By David Sillito, Wired Staff WriterSteelseries will introduce a new service on Tuesday that will allow its users to create and share digital-only music videos.

The company will also launch a service for artists that will let users upload their own tracks and share them with other users, according to a press release from the company.

Steelsiders new digital service will let fans create and upload their tracks and let them be shared with others, the company said in a press statement.

It will allow fans to upload music videos of their favorite artists or artists that they have never heard of, the statement added.

Users can also upload any music they want, including music they have created themselves, or music from other users.

Steelsiders own-brand music will also be available for viewing on the service.

The new service will be available to users who want to share their music videos on their own platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, or SoundCloud, the release said.

The new service also will allow users to upload and share music videos in other ways.

Steins recent moves to expand its catalog and monetize its music have included a move to create its own digital-media service, which it called Steels Music, and a digital-radio station.

In an earlier interview with Billboard, Steels owners Chris Wood and Chris Martin said the new service would offer a more streamlined experience for fans and artists.