Why the iPhone 6s Plus can’t run the latest Android OS on the 6s

The iPhone 6 Plus is getting an upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a new software update for iOS users.

But for users on older iPhone models that can’t get Marshmallow, Apple says there’s a fix available.

As the name implies, the update is for iPhones that can run iOS 9 or older versions of Android.

Apple says that users of older iPhones that don’t support Marshmallow should update to the latest version of Android, which can be found on the Google Play Store.

Users of older iPhone 6S models, however, are getting a new version of iOS that runs Marshmallow.

If you want to upgrade your iPhone to Marshmallow and use Android apps, you’ll need to download the update manually from Apple’s website.

Apple recommends that you do this via Settings > About Phone > Software Update.

If you don’t have a Google account, you can sign up for one from the Apple website.

You’ll then be prompted to install the update, and if you don, you’re good to go.

For those who still don’t get the upgrade, Apple has offered up a free iOS upgrade to those older iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models.

If that’s not enough, you also can get a free one-year subscription to iOS 9.

Apple’s update for the iPhone is available now for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ models and for all iPhone models running iOS 9 and later.

It is also available on the iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV.

Apple says the upgrade to Marshavillian for iPhones and iPads comes as a result of Apple’s commitment to the Open Web.

In 2015, Apple launched the Open Standards Initiative, a commitment to provide open standards for web applications.

The Open Standards initiative aims to bring together web application developers, content providers, browser vendors, and other interested parties to develop and implement open standards to provide interoperability and interoperability-enhancing services to the web.

Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others have been working on standards for years, but the initiative has been overshadowed by other open standards efforts.

Apple is hoping the upgrade will help ease the transition for users who are still on older versions or don’t want to pay for a new phone.

The company says the update comes at no cost for users, though it may be a bit of a surprise to some users.