What do you need to get in shape for your next shoot?

Software companies are pushing for software to help people train for more intense activities like bodybuilding and weightlifting.

But they’re also worried about potential legal issues, and some companies are turning to facial recognition to identify those who may be at risk of getting caught.

Software companies are hoping that facial recognition technology will help them catch people who are posing as professional bodybuilders or fitness models, and potentially track their whereabouts to help them avoid being caught.

They say the technology could also be used to track down people who commit crimes, but they aren’t sure if facial recognition can actually be used in court, according to Fox News.

In one case, a person posing as a professional bodybuilder was arrested in a New Jersey mall after his picture was posted on Instagram, the company said.

He was arrested for using the software to create fake social media accounts posing as people who could help him make money.

A video showing a man in a black T-shirt posing with a fake mustache and a fake beard, and a black sweatshirt with a “Go Vegan” sign appeared on Instagram.

The company also says that the software may also be able to help law enforcement track down criminals who commit acts of violence.