Video editor job vacancies are booming, but pay for the job could be stagnant

A video editor job in a big tech company is looking pretty good for now.

But pay in this sector is expected to be pretty stagnant for years to come.

A recent study by the Software Engineering Association (SEA) found that the median starting pay for software engineers in 2016 was $81,500, which is $2,000 less than the median salary of $92,500 for all software engineers surveyed in 2016.

But the median pay for a video editor with more than three years of experience is only $56,000.

The SEA study also found that video editors make more than most other positions in the tech industry.

That’s not good news for anyone who has ever worked in a video editing or other video production company.

“There are very few jobs that pay as well as a video director,” said David Kamin, a video-editing software engineer and senior fellow at the SEA.

“The median pay is $100,000, and that’s not even considering benefits.

I think the median income is $110,000.”

There are a few reasons why the median wage in the video-editor job market is so low, Kamin said.

The median pay in the field has not been that high in recent years.

And there are many other reasons that pay for this type of job is stagnant, including lower salaries for other types of professionals, fewer positions, and less competition for those jobs.

Kamin said that if you look at the median salaries for video-designers and other video-production workers, they tend to be a little higher than the salaries for the same jobs in the software and digital video production industries.

For example, a graphic designer, in 2016, made about $80,000 a year, while a video producer made about the same as a videographer.

But, he said, “the gap between the video producer and the videographer is widening.

It is not that the video editor is making less money than the videophiles.

It’s that the videographers are making more money than they did 20 years ago.”

Some jobs may pay more than the average salary in the industry, Kumin said.

He pointed to the video editing industry as an example.

“Many video editors are paid well above the average, but some are not.

They get a salary of about $120,000 and a stipend of $70,000,” he said.

“And there is competition for the jobs.”

Kamin and other experts agree that if software engineers want to stay in the job market, they need to focus on the skills they’re going to need in the future.

He said that video-quality video editing requires video editing skills, and video editors have the skills to do it well.

“The software and video editing is very different, but they both require the same skills,” Kamin added.

“Software editing is going to require better knowledge about video editing, better knowledge of editing software and more advanced software editing.

There is a lot of demand for video editing software in the area, and the people who are going to work in that area are very well paid.”

As a software engineer, Komin said, you’re not going to have the experience you need in a software or video editing job.

But that’s okay.

You can always pick up a job in another industry or work as a freelancer if you want to work remotely.