Why your car could be on the brink of disaster after it was damaged by a virus

A car crash is no laughing matter, but the consequences can be serious enough to keep many drivers at home.

If your car was on fire when you hit it with a snowplow or you were involved in a serious accident, your car is at risk.

If you’re stuck in a ditch with no food, water or other necessities, it can be quite the problem.

The BBC’s John Ross has more on how to avoid an unexpected crash.

What to doIf you have lost your car, don’t panic.

Get your car sorted out, even if you’re unsure how.

First, get the car fixed or repaired by a mechanic or car dealer.

You’ll need to get the engine and transmission repaired or replaced if it’s been damaged.

You might also want to get your car repaired or fitted with an emergency beacon to warn others if you lose your car.

You can also contact your local council or insurance company if your car hasn’t been repaired.

If there’s a vehicle on fire, you can call the police to put out the blaze.

You can also ask your insurance company to provide details of any cars you have on your insurance policy.

If they don’t, you could pay a premium to get a full refund.

The best way to avoid a crash is to drive safely.

If it’s too dangerous, stay home.

However, you should not drive in or around densely populated areas.

If possible, try to stay away from schools, playgrounds, shopping centres and other busy areas.

If you’ve lost your phone, it’s worth checking whether the phone has been lost, stolen or is in an unrecoverable condition.

If so, make sure the phone is in your car before you leave.

You may need to wait until you’re out of the car before calling the police.