Microsoft wins court case against Apple for patent infringement

Microsoft is facing the prospect of losing its patent-infringing software business, and it’s already won a lawsuit against Apple over its alleged infringement of a Microsoft-developed technology.

In a court filing on Wednesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld a preliminary injunction issued by the U!


Patent and Trademark Office, which Microsoft had requested in June.

The court noted that Microsoft’s patents cover a wide range of technologies that Apple uses to make iPhones and iPads, and the case could go all the way to the Supreme Court.

But the court did not rule on Microsoft’s claim that the patents were invalid because they were issued before the United States Patent and Copyright Office (USPTO) had issued any new patents.

Microsoft had previously sought to stop Apple from enforcing its patents for its new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone X, which it says are “unpatentable.”

The judge’s ruling means that Microsoft could still appeal the decision to the U?s Supreme Court, which is expected to rule on the case later this year.

Microsoft, Apple, and several other tech companies had argued that the new iPhones infringed on Microsoft patents that cover how users navigate Microsoft apps and websites, which Apple has said were not covered by the patents.

Apple’s lawsuit against Microsoft, which could have a big impact on the smartphone market, came at the end of August, shortly after Microsoft’s latest iPhones were released.

In the new lawsuit, Microsoft said Apple had made multiple claims of patent infringement, including that the products infringed “several patents that relate to the design, structure, function, and operation of certain wireless devices, including cell phones.”

Apple said it was suing Microsoft on its own, not under the patent licensing agreement that it had with Microsoft, for alleged patent infringement.

Microsoft is also suing Apple on its patents related to its Cortana virtual assistant technology.

The lawsuit against Siri, the voice assistant that powers Apple’s iPhone, is the second case against Microsoft that’s come before the U.?s highest court.

Earlier this month, Microsoft sued Oracle Corp. over its use of Oracle technology in its software, claiming the company had been using it to infringe Microsoft patents.