‘Cancelling the order’: Microsoft and IBM ‘reconsidering’ cancelling the orders of their new software engineering positions

Breitbart News is reporting that Microsoft and the Information Technology industry leaders have “reconsidered” cancelling their order of 10 new IT positions, citing an internal memo written by the two companies in the wake of the “Trump Administration’s aggressive anti-immigrant, anti-trade and anti-Muslim rhetoric.”

The memo also states that the IT positions would be “replaced with a more diverse group of candidates, who will reflect our company’s priorities, including diversity and inclusion.”

The company is now “rethinking” the order after the Trump Administration issued a series of executive orders on immigration, including the executive order that suspended refugee resettlement in the US.

The memo, which was first reported by the tech news site Recode, states that while Microsoft has already “worked closely” with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to create a “better” IT hiring process for candidates and their families, “this will not be sufficient to replace the workforce that has been lost.”

The IT positions were created in 2018 and were intended to be temporary and could not be “renewed” for another five years.

The two companies have not responded to the Breitbart News report.

Trump Admin orders halt refugee resettlement, refugees resettlement in US temporarily halted by the Trump administration in late January, causing the tech industry to reconsider its hiring policies.

The White House initially announced the “resettlement freeze” on Feb. 11, but later reversed course on the day of the order, saying that the policy was still in effect.

The IT industry had been anticipating a Trump Administration freeze on refugee resettlement until after the election.

As Breitbart News reported earlier this month, the IT industry’s leadership had expressed concern that the “restrictions” the administration was imposing on the tech sector would result in fewer candidates coming into the industry and potentially drive up salaries for some IT workers.

The executive order temporarily suspended refugee admissions to the US, as well as refugee resettlement to the United Kingdom, for 90 days.

It also ordered a nationwide freeze on all refugee admissions and entry to the U