How to get rid of your credit card debt

Personal finance software has finally caught up with the days of borrowing to pay for things, with software from Corsair and Sony offering free credit monitoring, auto-finance and more.

Key points:Users can pay for goods or services online and with a credit card, such as a loan or credit card balanceIf they don’t have a credit or debit card, they can use their credit or savings account to payFor more information, read our consumer finance article Consumers will need to have a balance in their credit card to make purchases on websites, such with Amazon, and they can pay online using a credit/debit card.

“The credit card is the first place that you can buy stuff and get your money back,” said consumer affairs manager for Consumer Finance NSW, Lisa Dickson.

“If you’re not using your credit or a debit card and you’re using a service, like a payday loan or an online payday, you’re going to need to make payments on that service.”

Corsair and Sony both offer free credit checks, with some offers even giving a percentage on the amount of the balance.

“We offer two different payment options,” Ms Dickson said.

“You can make a payment online and we have a few different options that give you a percentage off of your payment.”

Ms Dickson advised consumers to make sure their credit is up to date and to be wary of businesses who offer low-interest cards or that offer credit checks as an alternative to buying.

“I think there’s a lot of people that use these credit cards for a credit score, and it’s a scam to get a credit number,” she said.

The credit reporting company Equifax says about one in three Australians are at risk of losing their credit report due to their credit, and some credit card companies have implemented a range of measures to prevent consumers from losing their records.

Consumer finance and financial adviceCan you pay for something with a debit or credit account?

Credit card balanceHow to pay using a debit and credit cardHow to transfer money to and from a credit accountHow to borrow money from a bankWhat to do if your credit is being disputedYou’ll need to put money in to pay off the credit card on your credit report, but not before you can use the card to pay your bills.

“A debit card gives you a credit that you get on top of the credit you already have,” Ms Ewing said.

If you are still worried about losing your credit, it’s worth checking your credit history for signs of dishonesty, and checking your bank statements to see if you’re at risk.

The best credit protection servicesCredit card companies can help protect your credit and make it easier to pay bills, pay bills and repay your credit.

“There’s a range [of credit protection] services out there, there’s some free credit protection, but if you want to do it from a business, there are some things you need to know,” Ms O’Shea said.

It can be difficult to get your credit scores up to scratch, and credit reporting agencies can sometimes make it difficult to pay a credit bill.

“It can really be stressful for people who have had a negative credit report on their credit and you don’t know if you’ll get the same results from your credit score,” Ms Ainslie said.

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