Driver update software is coming soon to iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Apple has just announced a new version of its DriverUpdate software, which will be available to iOS and Android users on the next-generation iPhones and iPads.

DriversUpdate, which is available on iOS and macOS computers and phones, provides software updates to drivers that are free, automatic and reliable.

It’s also available to other devices, including Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Apple is also introducing a new app called DriverUpdate Plus for iPhone, which lets users download software updates from Apple and other companies.

The DriverUpdate app for iOS is available for free download.

The DriverUpdate for Android is available as a free download, and will be free for anyone with a qualifying iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac computer or device.

Apple said that the driver update app for iPhones and iPods will also be available as an in-app purchase on the Apple Watch app store.

The company also said that drivers will be updated on an hourly basis to meet the latest requirements.

Apple also announced that the company would add new iPhone drivers every week.

The company is also working on updates for the Apple TV, which includes support for new iPhones.