Adobe software is out for download, but Adobe software still out for purchase:

Adobe software continues to be available for download via the Play Store for users of Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The company announced the move on Wednesday.

The free software is a bit outdated, but it has a lot of the features you need, such as advanced image editing tools.

The new version will be available through March 28.

Adobe also released a video about the software.

We’ve included a copy of the video for your viewing pleasure.

We’re sorry, however, that the video is no longer available.

Adobe said that users can access the free version of Adobe Photoshop for Windows or Mac by installing the Adobe Flash Player plugin.

This software is still available for purchase on the Play store for the Mac and Windows.

Adobe has not announced a price or date for the new software. 

We recommend that you check out the new version of Photoshop. 

Image credit: Adobe