Google announces 3D Modeling Software in 2017

Google today announced that it will be making 3D modeling software available for the desktop, with its desktop publishing platform Cloud Platform.

The company says that it plans to provide three new 3D modelling software titles in 2017: 3D Studio Max, 3DStudio Max 2, and 3DMAX 3D.

Cloud Platform allows third-party software developers to publish their 3D models, including those for commercial or educational projects.

The software will be available on Google’s Cloud Platform as a free download, with a purchase of a 3D model costing between $5 and $10.

Cloud Platform will support a wide range of software, including the popular Maya and Krita programming languages.

It will also include some commercial software that can be used in 3D rendering, including Adobe’s Inventor and Adobe Premiere.

Cloud platform has been available on the company’s platform since 2015, when it launched its Cloud Platform Marketplace to offer developers access to more than 5 million commercial software licenses, with the aim of creating an open-source, cross-platform ecosystem for 3D and other design software.