How I created my first animated gifs

I was in my bedroom when I first saw the video of the giant giraffe in the lobby of the World Trade Center.

The video’s title was a quote from the movie Avatar, in which the titular hero and his allies are sent on a journey through a universe filled with alien creatures.

I had watched that movie and understood it to mean, “This is where the big, bad alien is.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that, but I didn’t need to be anymore.

I wanted to be that hero.

So I downloaded the game, the first one to feature an animated version of the iconic character from Avatar, and I was hooked.

I watched every single minute of the game.

I went to bed that night.

By the morning, I was already dreaming about the game and how I could create my own Avatar GIFs.

I wasn, in short, hooked.

A few years later, when I started my own company, we were still in the early stages of creating GIFs from our own creations.

I was just getting started.

I didn`t have a lot of resources.

I just needed the game I had been playing to get started.

So that`s what I did.

I downloaded it and tried it out.

But as I was playing it, I noticed a few things: 1.

It seemed a little repetitive, with the same animations being used on each frame.


I could tell that the animation had to be a little more precise, with some animation glitches.


The controls were a little odd.


The characters didn`,t seem to have enough animation to really make them feel unique.

It wasn`t until I got to my own avatar, in a video game avatar, that I started to understand what was happening.

I knew I wanted a little bit more animation, a little extra control, and a little less “grind.”

So I went through a few iterations and eventually settled on what I was calling the “grunt GIF.”

It was the most basic version of a GIF I had made before.

I did not want to use any of the other animated GIFs out there, because they tended to be quite basic, and they didn` t seem to add much to the story.

But the grunt GIFs I made were the first I had created, and it was the first time I was really comfortable with creating them.

Now, here`s the catch.

You don`t want to think about creating a grunt GIF until you have a grunt avatar.

But if you have that avatar, you can start making grunt GIF.

You will get used to seeing the same animation on every frame of your avatar.

The grunt avatar will help you to feel more confident when you have to draw the next frame, or when you need to animate something that is a little out of place in the timeline.

This is where you should start looking at how to use the grunt avatar, which is one of the first things you should do when you start creating your own animated GIF.

I`m going to show you how to make the grunt gif, and then I`ll show you a few examples of how you can make it with a few different kinds of images.

In this first video, we will start by making a grunt gif using two different types of images: an animated GIF and a standard animated GIF that you can download from YouTube.

Then we will make a grunt animation by moving the mouse around the frame to make it scroll.

Now that we have our grunt avatar and grunt avatar animations working together, we can make a very simple grunt GIF that looks like this: This grunt gif is actually pretty simple, but it makes it much easier to understand how it works.

The first thing we want to do is make sure we have the grunt video in the right place.

When you first start a grunt video, you get a popup box to choose the video you want to save, and when you click that box, the next page comes up.

The page that comes up will give you a list of all the videos in your YouTube library.

If you click on a video you haven`t watched yet, you`ll get an animated preview.

It looks like an animation that starts at a certain point and moves along until the point where the cursor reaches the end of the video.

Now we want the grunt animation to look like the one we see on the first page of the GIF.

So we`re going to put the grunt sprite that we created in the background, and we`ll use the background sprite to draw some brushstrokes around the screen.

So, we`ve got our grunt sprite in the foreground, and now we want some brush strokes around the background.

Let`s go back to our grunt video.

Go to the YouTube page where you saved your grunt video and click on the link that says “Create new video.”

We`ll see the following screen. The